Excavation Service in Eugene

Need Excavating Work Done? The Most Cost-Effective Excavation Services in Eugene

When you need concrete repaired or resurfaced, or if you’ve got a major construction project in Eugene coming up on a substandard lot, you’re probably weighing the pros and cons of renting an excavator or hiring a local excavation contractor to do the job for you. It’s true that both strategies have different advantages depending on the situation.

Running the numbers might suggest that you can quickly rent some small excavation equipment and accomplish your goals for much less than the cost of hiring local excavation contractors. But those projects assume everything goes according to plan, and if there’s anything Gary Lee Construction has learned in our 21 years in business, it’s that this rarely happens.

The True Cost of Renting a Mini Excavator

Before you break ground with your rental excavation equipment, you need to make 100% sure you’ve covered all your bases. Do I have the right equipment? Do I need a permit to complete this job? Is there a risk I might hit a sewer line or a power line? Is my excavating covered by insurance in case something goes wrong?

Sure, you may know the difference between a bucket and a boom, but if you’re new to excavating, you’ll be surprised at how much can go wrong. Not only are you dealing with heavy machinery, but there’s also a serious risk of unearthing public infrastructure or private sewer connections under the earth. If you don’t have the appropriate permits, you could get with nasty fines by city officials.

Don’t be fooled by that base cost. Renting excavation equipment might only be $200 an hour, but when you hire a professional excavating company, their extensive experience is built into the hourly rate. You might pay a little more up front, but you won’t be responsible for the machinery—or the consequences of your amateur excavation job.

Excavation Services We Provide

The first part of hiring a local excavation company is knowing what services you need done. Not all digs are made alike, and we’re proud to offer a wide variety of services to our clients in Eugene. Be sure to call us if you need help with any of the following:

  • Land clearing, grading, excavation for foundations and basements, building site preparation
  • Trenching
  • Ditches for utilities
  • Swimming pool excavations
  • Exploration

Land Clearing, Grading, and Building Site Preparation

When most people think about new construction, they think about building. But in order for any construction project to begin, the land has to be cleared. That may mean clearing trees and other plants from the property. It might mean tearing down old structures or buildings. It might mean removing unusable parts of the infrastructure. In almost every situation, hiring a qualified excavation company to do your land clearing is the safest and most efficient plan.

We have the right tools and the expertise to get the job done right. We keep up-to-date with the latest changes in municipal and state site preparation laws. This goes for the way in which an excavation can be done—keeping in mind underground electrical and plumbing infrastructure—and ensuring the site is ready for construction with proper water run-off, silt fencing, and more.

Grading is one of the main steps to creating a proper building site. It involves tearing out rocks and plants by scraping away the top layer of soil from the property. In many cases, we can actually save the parts that have been graded. So, if you’re interested in uses rocks in your landscape design, we can save them for later. The same goes with the soil which can, in most cases, be reused later.


Although there are many things to consider when digging trenches for construction projects, there are two that come with a significant risk. One is the local electrical, plumbing, and other underground infrastructure. The other is the risk of cave-ins.

The first thing we do when we arrive at a building site, is to mark out all underground infrastructure. This allows us to perform our excavation without the risk of damaging crucial local infrastructure—infrastructure that, in most cases, will be crucial to the construction project itself.

In Eugene, the Oregon Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulates workplace safety for excavation services. Because there is a high risk of cave-ins once a trench reaches a depth of over five feet, we make it a priority to follow all job site trenching regulations. If you are curious about the importance of following the trenching regulations stipulated by Oregon OSHA, do a quick YouTube search for “OSHA cave-in”. To say trenching is not a DIY job is an understatement. You need a qualified team with the proper equipment to do your trenching work safely.

There are many things that can turn a seemingly well-built trench into a grave danger to workers. Here are some things to consider:

  • Trench depth: Trenches that are more than five feet deep need to be sloped or shored to prevent fatal cave-ins.
  • Running soil: Water or other liquids in the soil can make it loose and pose a danger to workers that are in the trench.
  • Weather conditions: If a storm blows in, there’s always a risk of flooded or collapsed trenches. The walls of trenches can become unstable after rain and although they appear fine, might collapse with little to no warning.
  • Vibration: Trenches built near railroads, highways, or other areas with heavy vibrations may become unstable at unexpected moments.
  • Heavy loads: Trucks carrying heavy loads should be parked and used far from the edges of any trenches.

The Name to Trust

When you hire Gary Lee Construction, you can rest easy knowing that the work is backed up by our over 20 years of experience providing excavation work to Eugene residents. If you’re looking for the most experienced contractor in the area, look no further. Our rates are competitive and just marginally more expensive than renting excavation equipment, except we also have the skill pull off jobs big and small.

If you’re looking to learn more about what makes us one of the best local excavation companies in Eugene, give us a call. We’re happy to provide a risk-free obligation and to hear more about your upcoming project. Call us today!